Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to get rid of Password in Adobe protected PDF files

Sometimes we are not able to open up some important .pdf files because of password. To sort your problem simply, we have a solution for it !

To remove Password from Adobe PDF files, you need to download becypdfmetaedit. Download it here.

- After downloading, launch the program and choose the located PDF file.
- Before selecting the file, change the mode to 'Complete Rewrite'.
- Go to the security tab and set the 'Security System' to 'No Encryption'.
- Save it and congrats !

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to run TASM ( Assembly Language ) program in Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit : Using DosBox

You can access Assembly Language program in any Windows version easily without any interruption !

Follow the steps below to access TASM :

1 - Download DosBox 0.74 here. ( or if you have any other version, you can use it )
2 - Download TASM here.
3 - Install DosBox in C: drive.
4 - Extract TASM in C: drive within the folder of tasm as shown below :

5 - Now create any .asm coding file or download it for sample here. ( addition of two numbers )
6 - And move the downloaded .asm file in "C:\tasm\TASM\"
7 - Run DosBox 0.74 by clicking start button and type dosbox.
8 - Type mount c C:\ and press Enter.

9 - Now type C:
10 - Type cd tasm and press Enter, again type cd tasm and press Enter to go into C:\tasm\TASM\ directory

11 - Here comes the best part, type tasm addition.asm
( addition.asm is file that you had move earlier, you can replace it with any .asm file )

12 - To make .obj file, type tlink addition.obj

13 - Now make it as exe, type addition.exe

That's it !

Hope you have learned it.

If you get any error then run DosBox as an Administrator by right clicking on it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Windows XP will get unsupported from April 8, 2014 : Goodbye Windows XP

Just after today, Windows XP will not be supported and gonna considered as a dead OS.
There was a time came when almost every software, games, and other stuff got supported and we all are able to see the world from different vision using Windows XP.

Here is short description :

Development of XP began in the late 1990s as "Neptune", an operating system built on the Windows NT kernel which was intended specifically for mainstream consumer use—an updated version of Windows 2000 was also originally planned for the business market. However, in January 2000, both projects were shelved in favor of a single OS codenamed "Whistler", which would serve as a single OS platform for both consumer and business markets. The operating system was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001, and generally released for retail sale on October 25, 2001. Windows XP was a major advance from the MS-DOS based versions of Windows in security, stability and efficiency due to its Windows NT underpinnings. It introduced a significantly redesigned graphical user interface and was the first version of Windows to use product activation in an effort to reduce software piracy.

Well that was a great time, Goodbye Windows XP !

Friday, April 4, 2014

How to download Youtube videos in Ubuntu or Windows or MAC without using any software or link : Download it easily !

You can download any Youtube video in Ubuntu, Windows, MAC or any other OS without using any software, without visit any website and pasting the link and even without installing any third party plugin in any browser.

To download the videos in any format like mp4, webm, 3gp, flv or any other), just follow the steps below :

1 - Go to and click on an appropriate video that you would like to download.

2 - Now look at the url and add ss just before youtube like this :

3 - Press Enter.

4 - You'll be redirect to the following page :

5 - Choose the video quality.

6 - Done !

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Nokia 3310 with built-in 41-megapixel camera : Again affordable !

Just now Nokia announces its heritage 3310 in a new avatar ! Yes that 3310 which was initially launched in 2000 and is one of the most successful phones ever released by Nokia, has made a modern-day comeback.

The Finnish giant has introduced its 3310 sporting a 41-megapixel PureView sensor with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. Further, the 3310 is seen boasting a huge camera hump at the back panel, much like Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 1020. The company claims that the Nokia 3310 now runs a modified version of Windows 8 (yes, you heard it right) with a new 'ClearDiamond' 3-inch WXGA (768x1280) display.

The Nokia 3310 PureView will be available in Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Red and Yellow colour variants.
The revamped Nokia 3310 is a touchscreen device and also sports three soft-touch navigation buttons, alongside a Windows Phone 'home' button.

Other specifications of the Nokia 3310 include a 1.5GHz dual-core processor; 2GB of RAM; 1430mAh battery; 32GB inbuilt storage; Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-Fi and 3G.

The older version of Nokia 3310 came up with pre-loaded with four games - Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Other pre-installed apps include MS Office, Xbox Games, Outlook and OneDrive.
Nokia notes that the Nokia 3310 will be rolled out with 3G connectivity, while LTE-enabled devices will follow later this year.

Commenting on the Juha Alakarhu, Nokia's Head of Imaging Technologies said, "I'm really excited that we've found a way to marry our innovative PureView technology with such a beloved device. With its durable design and iconic look, we think even more people will enjoy our signature PureView magic."

Are you got excited ?? Seriously ?
"Well please note that today is April 1st."

Earlier on Tuesday, HTC and Samsung both showed off smart-gloves on April Fools' Day.
Samsung hit the hammer first, announcing its first 'all-over-hand' wearable device dubbed Samsung Fingers that features a flexible Super Emo-LED for the technology-sensitive consumer. HTC on the other hand teased its HTC Gluuv, which is also a smart-glove.

Google, despite being one of the biggest tech companies showed off its unique sense of humour and that's most apparent on April 1 every year. The Mountain View giant has a long list of gags that include Google Pokemon Maps, Gmail Shelfie, Emoji Translate in Chrome, Auto Awesome Photobombs, Google Magic Hand, Nest Total Temperature Contro and WazeDates.

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